About us

I-FARM stands for “Illinois Farming and Regenerative Management.” This University of Illinois-led study — funded for three years and $3.9M by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) — is developing an 80-acre agricultural testbed, where commodity crops, cover crops, and livestock are farmed using synergistic, sustainable practices.

The I-FARM testbed features improved precision farming with remote sensing; new autonomous solutions for cover-crop planting, variable-rate input applications, and mechanical weeding; and artificial intelligence-enabled remote sensing for animal health prediction, nutrient quantification, and soil health.

Videos from the field

A full I-FARM video playlist may be found on YouTube >>>

I-FARM University: Passing on the knowledge!

I-FARM will demonstrate new technologies, data-driven products, and services for farmers and industry, easing adoption and opening new markets.